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Technology Services

The Portage District Library makes every effort to be a place where you can come to access technology. Ask at the information desk if you are unsure which machine is best for your needs.

We can provide limited assistance to patrons unfamiliar with using a computer,

We offer the following services in our building:

Circulating Laptops

If you are a resident user, you may check out a Laptop from behind the information desk. Circulating Laptops go out for two hours, and you may check them out again if nobody is waiting to use one. You may download any type of file on a circulating laptop, but some types of interactive sites may be blocked.

Computer Access

You can use your library card barcode number to access the Internet and software on our computers. If you do not have a library card, you can get a guest pass at the circulation desk. Computer time is limited to one hour per day. Certain file types may not be downloaded on desktop PCs.

Computer Classes

We do not currently offer computer classes. However there are a number of ways you can better your understanding of computers through the Portage District Library. Go to our Teach Yourself Computers page to learn more.

Copy Machines

We have copy machines on the upper level behind the adult information desk. Copiers are black and white. Copies are 10 cents a page.


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Fax Machine

We have a Fax service available for public use on the upper level. Rates are $1.00 for each page. It does not accept credit cards.


Internet stations on the upper level are not filtered, but patrons may not access pornographic sites by Michigan state law. You can find more information here.

Internet stations in the children’s and young adult rooms are filtered. Patrons under the age of 18 must have a permission slip signed by a legal guardian to access any machine.

Flash Drives:

We circulate flash drives from behind the information desk, in case you need to download large files to travel.

Game computers (Lower Level)

There are computers with educational games for preschool and elementary users available in the preschool and juvenile rooms.


We are a wireless hotspot. You will need a library card or guest pass to access the internet on your laptop.

Job Computer

We have set aside one computer for job searchers. Ask at the information desk to be logged on to that computer.


We circulate Playaways, listening devices that hold one audio book each. They are kept near the audio books. We circulate adaptors that allow you to play Playaway titles on your car’s radio. They are located at the information desk.


You may print from stationary computer stations. Printing is in black and white (10 cents a page) or color (75 cents a page).

Wireless Printing

You may send print jobs to our printers via your computer or mobile device during library hours. Printing is in black and white (10 cents a page) or color (75 cents a page).

Research computers

We have a bank of computers that can be used for an unlimited amount of time to browse magazine and newspaper databases


Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office 2007: Excel, Power Point, and Word are all loaded on each public computer. Certain file types may not be downloaded on desktop PCs.

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