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Internet Safety

Along with more time on the web, comes more exposure to things you encounter there. These links from the Michigan Attorney General’s Office and the American Library Association can help keep you safer if you keep them in mind.

Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI)

The Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (Michigan CSI) is an Internet safety education program with customized presentations for kindergarten through eighth-grade students and a community seminar. I have invited all public school district superintendents, intermediate school district superintendents, Homeschooling Michigan members, Michigan Association of Non-public Schools members, and Michigan Association of Public School Academies members to participate in the Michigan CSI program during the 2012-2013 school year.


GetNetWise is a public service brought to you by Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations to help ensure that Internet users have safe, constructive, and educational or entertaining online experiences. The GetNetWise coalition wants Internet users to be just “one click away” from the resources they need to make informed decisions about their and their family’s use of the Internet. More information is available. GetNetWise is a project of the Internet Education Foundation.

Senior Brigade


When you are out on the web, you can find all kinds of things that seem almost too good to be true—and are! One thing that may help you to separate wheat from chaff is this site. This website is a clearinghouse for helpful information on consumer protection, financial matters, health care issues and veterans’ services. It provides links to a wide variety of state and federal programs to help make informed decisions that can benefit you and your family.

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