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Operating Systems

Are you trying to up your computer skills? We have tools to help! If you are trying to increase your computer skills, or learn additional software or operating systems, we have more than books! For basic computer or internet skills, or increasing your level of expertise at Microsoft Office, look no further than our Learning Express Library or Job and Career Accelerator databases from the Michigan eLibrary, located under the Online Resources link on the library web page.

After you have created an account by clicking on New Users, you can go to the left navigation bar to where you see Popular Software Tutorials. This will take you to tutorials on

Windows and Mac Operating Systems Courses

*Windows 7 Courses

**Microsoft Windows 7 Course 1: Basic **Microsoft Windows 7 Course 2: Intermediate **Microsoft Windows 7 Course 3: Advanced

*Windows Vista Courses

**Microsoft Vista Business Course 1: Basic

  • Microsoft Vista Business Course 2: Advanced

*Windows XP Courses

**Microsoft Windows XP Course 1: Basic **Microsoft Windows XP Course 2: Advanced

*Mac OS X Courses

**Mac OS X Leopard Desktop

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