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Find Industry Info

Pinpoint outlooks and trends regarding broad categories of business, specialized industry news, specialty products, and wholesalers with resources that we provide for your use. If you are thinking of entering an industry as an entrepreneur, or investing in it, an overview of that industry landscape is helpful, starting with the industry classification code, either the North American Industry Classification System, NAICS , or the Standard Industry Classification System, SIC.

Business and Company Resource Center, provided to you through the Michigan eLibrary, provides company and industry information and business news. Go to Business and Company Resource Center

You can find some industry reports by investment analysts in the two investment databases provided inside the Portage District Library, Morningstar and Valueline

You can also use the internet resources below, some of which will require a library card number because we subscribe to them. Or, you can do a subject search in our catalog, using terms like:

  • Statistics, Consumers’ preferences – United States Statistics
  • Market surveys – United States, Business related materials
  • Marketing, Business related materials – Statistics.

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