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Find Company Info

If you are researching information about a company, for any purpose, be it to invest, to find customers, or to find models to benchmark with.

One of the first places to start in the search for company information is the subscription business databases.

Reference USA is an excellent resource, containing the information from every yellow pages listing in the country, plus additional information about each firm, searchable by company name, geography, industry classification (both NAICS and SIC), and many other attributes. You will need to log in with a Portage District Library card but can access the ReferenceUSA Directory from home, work, or in the library itself. One note: if you are downloading and exporting records, you can download 50 at a time inside the library itself, but 25 at a time from anywhere else.

Business and Company Resource Center, provided to you through the Michigan eLibrary, provides company and industry information and business news. Company information includes company histories and rankings, products, financials, stock info, and more. Go to Business and Company Resource Center

Or you can do a subject search in our catalog, using terms like: Corporations, Business enterprises – United States Directories, Corporations – United States Directories.

The Annual Report of a company provides a good bit of information, and these can be located on the web fairly easily. There is a file of selected print Annual Reports provided by local investors in the library Business Information Center,

You can also use the internet resources below.

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