Teen Volunteers

Thank you for choosing us as your volunteer location! Please read on to find out how you can help.


State law requires volunteers to be at least 14 years of age.

*Note: No court-required hours may be obtained through the teen volunteer program. *


Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age and have all legally required paperwork on file prior to their first shift. Due to state law, we are unable to make exceptions to this rule.

In order to sign up for volunteer shifts, teens must attend one of the following training sessions:

Teen Volunteer Training Meeting
Wednesday, September 26th
7:00 PM


Teen Volunteer Training Meeting (Make Up Session)
Tuesday, October 23rd
7:00 PM

Teens who are unable to attend one of the required sessions listed above can check back this January for more opportunities to volunteer at the library.

Regular Daily Shifts:

Teen volunteers perform tasks such as cleaning book covers, straightening shelves, cleaning and straightening toys, re-stocking displays, and removing outdated labels from books. Other activities may include event set-up/tear-down, event assistance, or other tasks should they arise.

Volunteers may sign up for 1 shift per week. We need 1 volunteer for each shift. Each shift is 2 hours long.
Shifts are at the following times:

  • Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:30
  • Friday 3:30-5:30
  • Saturday 9:30-11:30, 2:30-4:30
  • Sunday 2:30-4:30

How Do I Sign Up?

Interested volunteers must attend one of the training sessions listed above in order to sign up for volunteer shifts at the library this semester. Once your paperwork has been turned in at the Youth Information Desk, you may sign up for shifts by asking to see the calendar.

If You Need to Cancel a Shift

If you sign up for a shift and later realize that you are unable to make it, please call the Youth Information Desk at 269/585-8740 so that another volunteer may have the opportunity to sign up.

Contact Olivia Pennebaker, Teen Services Librarian:
opennebaker@portagelibrary.info or call (269) 585-8726

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