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Preschool Room

Our Preschool Room provides a place for children to build the foundations for reading. Talking, singing, reciting rhymes, and reading to young children are all important early literacy activities.

Picture Books

We have a large collection of picture books. Most of the books are shelved alphabetically by the last name of the author, but popular characters such as Dora, My Little Ponies, or Thomas the Train (whose books have various authors) are interfiled alphabetically by the name of the character.

Board Books

We also have a collection of board books. They are kept on low shelving so they are within reach of little hands. They are not shelved alphabetically. (To be honest, we are just happy when the board books make it back onto the shelves at all!)

Read to Your Child at the Library!

Although we have lots of manipulatives and toys, we encourage you to read some of the picture books while you are at the library. Look at the cover, talk about who the author and illustrator of the book are (and what that means), and point out the spine of the book. Hold the book the wrong way up and see if your child can correct you. Discuss the story with your child. Look at the pictures and ask lots of questions about what your child sees. Ask your child what might happen next in the story and see if their predictions are correct. Reinforce responses with encouraging comments in a calm and soothing voice. This helps young children engage in conversation and develop early language skills. It also fosters a love of reading!

Music CD’s

We also have a collection of preschool age appropriate music CD’s. The collection includes the kids songs, nursery rhymes, and music for movement. Some of our favorite performers include the Raffi, Greg & Steve, Lori Berkner, and Jim Gill. Children’s songs have catchy tunes and simple repetitious words and rhythms that will boost your child’s memory and enhance her awareness of rhythm and rhyme. Play some music for your child. Pick her up and dance together or let her dance on your feet. Sing along to songs. Hum. Give her a simple instrument, such as a drum, rattle, or kazoo, and see if she can play in time to the music. Learning to hear a beat or rhythm in a song helps develop abilities that underlie learning to read or spell.

Magnet Board

The newest addition to the Preschool Room is a 4 foot by 6 foot magnet board. Magnet activities will be changed monthly to focus on skills such as matching, sorting, sequencing, and color recognition, just to name a few. We hope you will stop in to check it out!

Manipulatives/Dramatic Play

We have fun furniture that is age and size appropriate. Children enjoy dramatic play and pretend they are in a kitchen, a grocery store, or a restaurant with our play food and groceries.

To build narrative (story telling skills) there is a train table, puppet theater & puppets, animals & dinosaurs, and trucks.

Preschool manipulatives such as large Legos, blocks, stacking and building materials, and puzzles are also available. Make play educational by encouraging your child to sort items by color, count, or create patterns. They will be learning early literacy skills, but will be having so much fun they won’t even realize it.

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