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Accelerated Reader is a program that the Portage Schools use to promote reading. We hope the links below help you to use this tool.
Click here to access the general Accelerated Reader tool.

How does Accelerated Reader work?

Each school buys comprehension quizes for selected books and, as the students read these books, they may take the quizes at their media centers or in their classrooms. Each school purchases different tests depending on their specific needs, and the tests are only available at the particular school at which the tests were purchased. Each school uses Accelerated Reader in a different way. Please talk to your school’s media specialist or your child’s teacher to find out more. The Portage District Library does not purchase quizzes.

How do we know which books are Accelerated Reader (AR) books for my child’s school?

All schools have the AR books in their school libraries marked. In addition, some schools make their lists of AR books available online:

12th Street Elementary
Amberly – Title Order
Amberly – Reading Level
Moorsbridge – NOTE: Moorsbridge students have access to all tests. Use the Accelerated Reader tool below to search for title and its reading level.
A.R. Bookfinder

You can check the Portage District Library catalog for availability of these books.

What if I just want to search for books at a certain AR level?

The Accelerated Reader site has a great search tool that allows you to search by interest and reading level, topic, title, author, and more. This is a great tool if you are looking for a book but aren’t concerned about the availability of a quiz at your school.


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