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Adult Lists

  • Adult Fiction
    Lists of novels on thematic topics.
  • Adult Non-fiction
    Areas of interest include biography, travel, history, hobbies, science, art, sports, religion, self help, true crime, and books in the news.
  • Can’t Decide?
    If you enjoy trying all sorts of things, this category is for you!
  • Outside The Book
    Lists of books and other kinds of library resources developed along themes ranging from motorcycles to Scotland.
  • Genealogy
    Some excellent how-to guides to discovering your family history.

Youth Lists

  • Teens
    Books for grades 6-12
  • Parents & Kids
    Booklists for children ages birth to 5th grade and the adults that care for them!
  • School Connect
    Booklists created to assist students with research and reading assignments
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