Spring Reading Adventure 2014

Pick a quest, complete it, and earn a new themed bookmark! Each quest is a chance to try a new book, experience a new activity, or have fun with your family. It’s easy.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sign up at the Portage District Library by calling 269/329-4542 ×603 or stopping in. You can also click here to get a printable copy of the quest sheet: PDL_SpringReadFlyer.pdf to get started.
  2. Pick a quest and complete it. (Complete at least 1 quest to earn the bookmark.) Mark it with a sticker on your quest sheet.
  3. Bring your sheet in to collect your bookmark. (You may collect your bookmarks individually or all at the same time.)
  4. Complete another quest!

You have from March 3 to April 11 to complete your quests. Do as many quests as you like! Challenge yourself by reading different types of books than you usually read, trying new activities, and convincing your family and friends to play along!

Here’s a list of the quests. You can print them out here or preview them below:

I (love) books! or I (love) reading! Bookmark

  • Reread your favorite book.
  • Redesign the cover of your favorite book on a piece of paper and turn it in at the Youth Desk.
  • Read a book (or a chapter of a book) out loud to someone at home.

Pets Bookmark

  • Read a fiction and a non-fiction book about the same kind of animal.
  • Read a story to your cat, dog, or stuffed animal.
  • Draw a picture of your dream pet and turn it in at the Youth Desk.

Non-Fiction Bookmark

  • Read 3 non-fiction books on the same topic.
  • Find and read an article from one of the library’s databases for youth. (Ask a librarian for help if you need it!)
  • Read a book from Juvenile Non-Fiction with a 398.2 call number. Need some suggestions? Click here!

Reading is Sweet Bookmark

  • Have someone take a picture of you reading a book somewhere funny. Print it out and turn it in at the Youth Desk for a display.
  • Check out a cookbook and make something in it.

Jokes Bookmark

Turn off the TV Bookmark

  • Check out and read a magazine.
  • Watch/read a book on TumbleBooks, our online kid’s book site accessible through the library’s website.
  • Read instead of watching TV for one night.

Transportation Bookmark

  • Read any book about transportation.
  • Draw a picture of a fantasy vehicle and turn it in at the Youth Desk.

Nature Bookmark

  • Have someone take a picture of you reading outside. Print it out and turn it in at the Youth Desk for a display.
  • Do you know the names of different kinds of plants? Take our flip card quiz (located on the wall by Easy Non-Fiction) and find out!

Pop Open a Good Book Bookmark

  • Read a book that has been turned into a movie or watch a movie that is based on a book. See our Book into Movie list for recommendations.
  • Have a “screen-free” day.

Rock Out Bookmark

  • Read a picture book to a family member.
  • Check out and listen to a music CD or download a song from the library’s free music site, Freegal.
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