The Library Board is composed of seven members. The role of the Library Board is to represent the interests of library constituents.

The Purpose of the Board

  • Set the library’s millage levy
  • Control expenditures
  • Establish policies
  • Appoint and oversee the Library Director
  • Guide the future of the library through long-range strategic planning

You are welcome to communicate directly with your elected Board members. Your questions, comments and concerns are always welcome.

2019 Board Members

Board Chair Vice Chair Trustees
Tom Welsh Donna VanderVries Carol Bale
    Michele Behr
    Jeanne Friedman
    Cara Terry
    Ted Vliek

2019 Meeting Dates

All board meetings are open to the public. The Board meets in regular sessions on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:00pm in the lower level Long Lake & Gourdneck Lake meeting rooms of the library, unless otherwise indicated in the meeting notice. Additional meetings may be called by the Library Board Chair as needed.

Please note:
The May board meeting will be held one week earlier due to Memorial Day.
There is no board meeting conducted in the month of November.
The December board meeting will be held one week earlier due to the Christmas holiday.

Board Documents

2019 Board Documents

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2018 Board Documents

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2017 Board Documents

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2016 Board Documents

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2015 Board Documents

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